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Zoho Reports API

Zoho Reports offers a powerful REST style API (Application Programming Interface) that can be used by Independent Software Vendors, Developers and System Integrators to build powerful reporting and analytical capabilities into their applications. Its a HTTP based Web API, that responds to requests in XML or JSON format making it programming-language-neutral, thus enabling application development/integration in any programming language (Java, C#, Python, PHP, C, C++ etc) you know.

Zoho Reports API offers wide range of functions to help developers build & manage powerful reporting and analytical capabilities for their business application needs.  You can add powerful business intelligence capabilities to your product/application, build add-ons to analyze data from third-party business applications (eg., Google Adwords, Google Analytics, CRM systems etc., ) that you use and do much more. Infact Zoho Reports API is used by many Zoho Applications (Zoho CRMZoho Creator, Zoho Projects...) for seamlessly providing Reporting and Analytical features based on Zoho Reports to their users.

Easy to use programming language wrappers called "Client Libraries" are provided to conveniently use the Zoho Reports API from within your familiar programming language like Java, C#, Python and  Google Apps 

This API documentation is organized with the following sections:


The section explains the prerequisites for using the API. Kindly go through all the links before proceeding to next sections.

API Specification

Covers detailed API specification and common terminologies used. It is important to understand the API specification clearly before referring to the actual API methods. 

Data API

This section lists the APIs which can be used to perform data addition, bulk import, deletion and updates into your Zoho Reports data tables. This also provides APIs to Export your tables, reports & dashboards in PDF, Excel, JSON, HTML, Image and CSV formats.

Modeling & Metadata API

This section lists all the modeling and metadata APIs. Modeling APIs can be used to add, delete & rename columns in a Zoho Reports table. It also offers APIs to copy objects (databases, reports and formulas) from one database to another present in the same account or across different accounts.

Metadata APis can be used to fetch information about the reporting databases,tables, reports and dashboards created in Zoho Reports. 

Sharing & Collaboration API

This section provides APIs for sharing & collaboration. You can share views (reports & dashboards) created in Zoho Reports with fine grained permission control to users through APIs. You can also manage sharing as well as remove sharing through APIs.

Embed API

With this API you can embed reports & dashboards created in Zoho Reports into your Web pages/applications programmatically. This offers great possibilities to developers for creating dynamic reporting content embedded within their websites & applications seamlessly. 

User Management API

This section lists the User Management APIs for managing users in the Zoho Reports Administrator account.

Single Sign-On API (for White Label customers)

This section lists the APIs which can be used only by White Label customers (full rebranding) to easily implement single sign-on in their application for seamless user management . 

Client Libraries

This section discusses about the Built-In Client Libraries, which are "easy to use" wrappers around the raw HTTP based Zoho Reports API, that could be used in your programming language of choice & convenience

Zoho CloudSQL

Zoho CloudSQL is a middleware technology that allows customers to interact with their business data stored in Zoho Reports through familiar SQL language.  Users can access the data in Zoho Reports using SQL SELECT queries.

API Usage Limits & Pricing

Zoho Reports API usage will be measured based on units consumed & frequency of API calls.
The API Units and frequency calculations are described in this section. API units allowed are scoped by each of the pricing plans. 

Contact Us

For any technical assistance in using Zoho Reports API, feel free to get in touch with our 24X7 Customer Support.

Email Address: support@zohoreports.com
Toll-free Number: 1-(888)-900-9646




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