Delete Column


Delete Column


The Delete Column API is used to delete a column in Zoho Reports Table. The account Administrator and the Database Owner alone can use this API to delete a column in a  Zoho Reports table.

Getting Started

It is recommended to go through the Zoho Reports API Prerequisites before using Delete Column API.


The following is the sample request URL to delete a column.

Note: In case of database owner deleting a column, they need to specify the login E-mail ID of the account Administrator only.

Query String Parameters

The following table shows the list of Query String parameters that has to be passed along with the request URL.

This parameters should be in the same case as given in this document.

Parameter Name Description
ZOHO_ACTION This parameter value should be DELETECOLUMN.
ZOHO_COLUMNNAME The name of the column to be deleted in Zoho Reports Table.


The authtoken parameter should hold the Auth Token of the Database Owner Account.


The following sample response will be sent from the server after successfully deleting the column.

XML Format:

<response uri="/api/" action="DELETECOLUMN">
Column deleted successfully

JSON Format:

"result": {"message":"Column deleted successfully"}

Error Handling

The following is a sample error response format in case of failure of Delete Column API.

XML Format:

<response uri="/api/" action="DELETECOLUMN">
Column Region does not exists

JSON Format:

"message":"Column Region does not exists"

Error Codes:

The following table shows the list of error codes sent from server on failure of Rename Column API Request along with the reason and the solution for the same.

Error Code Reason Solution
7107 The column does not exists in the specified Zoho Reports Table
Provide the correct name of the column to be deleted in the ZOHO_COLUMNNAME parameter
7159 The column to be deleted is used in Reports, Formula Columns, Query Tables, etc. The column with dependent views cannot be deleted. Please delete the dependent views and formula columns associated with this column before calling this delete column API.
7161 The Zoho Reports Table specified in this API is a system table (created for Service Integration)
Deleting columns in System Table is not allowed. You could only delete a column in a user created/defined table using this API.

In case of any error other than the above said, mail the API request URL parameters and error response details to Zoho Reports will get back to you with the best possible solution.

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