Error Handling


Error Handling

API execution could result in Error conditions. In such cases, follow the below given steps to identify whether an error condition has occurred and to handle the same:

  • Check the http response code. If it is 4xx or 5xx (eg., 400, 500, 401 etc.,), then it is an error.
  • In case of error, the error information would be sent in the response body.
  • The format of the error content can be specified by the parameter ZOHO_ERROR_FORMAT. The value it can be either:
    • XML
    • JSON

Sample Error Response

Below snippets provide a sample error response in XML and JSON formats when there is no such table called EmployeeDetails in EmployeeDB database.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response url="/api/demouser/EmployeeDB/EmployeeDetails" action="IMPORT">
<message>Table EmployeeDetails is not present in the database EmployeeDB</message>



"url": "/api/demouser/EmployeeDB/EmployeeDetails",
"action": "IMPORT",
"message": "Table EmployeeDetails is not present in the database EmployeeDB"

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