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Java Client Library


Java Library

The Java client libraries wraps the raw HTTP based API of Zoho Reports with easy to use methods for Java language. This enables Java developers to easily use Zoho Reports API.


Click here for javadocs.

Download Java Client Library

Download the Java client library rom the link below.



Samples are bundled along with the client jars in the above ZIP download. You can find them under the samples folder

For using the samples
  • Take a copy of the Store Sales database.
  • Change the configurations in Config.java
  • Compile the files using CompileSamples.bat (/CompileSamples.sh)
  • Test the samples using TestSamples.bat (/TestSamples.sh).

Available samples

peter (Guest) 2046 - days ago 
I'm having difficulty logging in through the report api in java. I'm okay until executing:


at which point I get a error:

java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission modifyThreadGroup)

Any ideas?
benbenbenben 1728 - days ago 
I'm having the same error here. Using it in the Google App Engine.
senthilvel.n 1357 - days ago 
Hi benbenbenben,

We are sorry about the delay in getting back to you. We have found by google that the Google App Engine has some restrictions. Kindly visit the below link to know more about the restrictions.


Please get back to us in case of any further clarifications. You can directly contact us by sending an email to support [at] zohoreports [dot] com.

Senthilvel N
Zoho Reports
carlospanizo 1115 - days ago 
hi,I`m having the same problem, using it in the Google App Engine.

Is this solved the problem? or is there an alternative?
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