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Zoho Reports CloudSQL

Query Zoho Reports Cloud with Structured Query Language ("SQL")

What is Zoho CloudSQL?

Zoho with its wide range of hosted productivity and business applications collects, mines and exposes a lot of structured and unstructured data to users. For developers working over the Zoho Platform, to extend and customize the various web services, it offers a comprehensive Web API over HTTPS for most of the Zoho Services. Currently Zoho Web API is the means to access and manipulate the data collected by the various Zoho services. But one drawback with the current Web API over HTTPS is the non-standard interface for querying and data manipulation, which could add up to the learning curve, adoption and maintenance.

Zoho CloudSQL is a platform API service that enables developers to use Standard SQL (Structured Query Language) querying over the Web, to access and manipulate data that is available in various Zoho Services in the Cloud (hence the name CloudSQL). SQL being a standard query language of databases and data marts, it provides a much familiar and expressive development model for developers, thus making it easy to adopt and develop upon. With CloudSQL, Zoho Platform becomes first of its kind to offer full fledged standard SQL Querying over the Web.

Developers could execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements over the Web to handle the data in Zoho Services with CloudSQL. Another powerful facet of CloudSQL is the support for multiple SQL dialects which could be used by developers to construct their SQL queries. CloudSQL supports SQL queries written in any of ANSI, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Informix dialects. This enables developers to easily adopt CloudSQL, if they are familiar in any one of the database dialects mentioned.

For more information on Zoho CloudSQL visit http://cloudsql.zoho.com/

Zoho Reports and Zoho CloudSQL

Zoho Reports, the online reporting and business intelligence service, is the first Zoho service to adopt Zoho CloudSQL. Developers could execute SQL SELECT statements over the web to handle the data in Zoho Reports.

Key Highlights of Zoho Reports CloudSQL Implementation

The key highlights of Zoho Reports CloudSQL implementation are:

  • SQL querying over HTTPS
    • Currently it supports SELECT querying over HTTPS
    • INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements will be supported soon
  • Supports SQL Querying in multiple dialects including ANSI, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL and Informix dialects. Users can execute queries written in any of this dialects.
  • Enables application connectivity using Zoho Reports JDBC driver to interact with the Zoho Reports Service.
    • ODBC driver will be supported soon

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zohodbhelp 2419 - days ago 
Hi Prithwis,

Thanks for the comment. Thats a really good idea. In the immediate roadmap we have plans to support a client library for Ruby-on-rails, such that developers over Ruby-on-rails can easily interact with Zoho CloudSQL. This would be first done for Zoho Reports which currently supports Zoho CloudSQL, followed by other services.

Wrt. distribution of Ruby with CloudSQL, thats an idea which needs further analysis. For the immediate future, we do not see us pursuing it.

Thanks for your inputs,
robertov 1229 - days ago 
how to create programmatically a database and table?
Albert Gràcia Lupotto 1033 - days ago 
Hi, I would like to know if it's possible to use Zoho Reports but with the database located on my server. Is it mandatory to upload all the data to Zoho Reports or can I use your technology with the data on my own server on the cloud?

Many thanks,
janani.t 1006 - days ago 

We apologize for the delayed response. We missed your thread.

Sorry, Zoho Reports does not have an option to run our application in your own servers. Your data needs to be uploaded/pushed into Zoho Reports for analyzing and creating reports using Zoho Reports.

In case you are concern is about Safety, Privacy and Security of your data, then please be assured that Zoho is committed to ensuring our customers data is both SAFE and SECURE. It is of the utmost importance to us. We have very stringent processes and systems in place to ensure the same. You can read more about our Security and Privacy policies in the links below

Security Policy:

Privacy Policy:

Blog on Zoho Security Practices:

Should you have any other questions or concerns, please write to us at support@zohoreports.com. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

Zoho Reports
thecref@gmail.com+(Guest) 498 - days ago 
Hi, I'm planning to prepare a tiny application to manage the Swiss Indiaca Champioship (at the moment regionally in Italian part of Switzerland, Ticino).

I'm a developer using Microsoft C#. My question is: is there a sample Application in C# or Visual Basic .NET? Please, keep under consideration the application shouldn't be web based, I thought to a client application persisting data for each championship on ZoHo Reports and getting reports from there.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Francesco Crescimanno
zohodbhelp 496 - days ago 
Hello Francesco Crescimanno,

We do support the C# client libraries. this wraps the raw HTTP based API of Zoho Reports with easy to use methods for the C# .Net platform. Refer to the below page for details.


Penny Hannaford (Guest) 41 - days ago 
Dear Zoho Team,
Is there a way of extracting data from Zoho into our own SQL database?
We are currently using a scheduled report which is emailed out, but It would be really handy to be able to interrogate the Zoho data either on a schedule or in an ad-hoc fashion directly from our SQL database to Zoho. Looking at your standard API calls it seems I could write a console C# app and then have the data from there transferred to our SQL db, but is there a more direct method available?


saravanaprakash.t 39 - days ago 
Dear Penny,

Currently, we don't have any other options apart from the Export API and scheduled export of your report/table. If you need any technical clarification while writing an C# application, you could send an email to support@zohoreports.com

In the below mentioned link, you could find the C# client library:


Please let us know if you need any further clarification.

Saravanaprakash T,
Zoho Reports
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